Always you are expecting to do the better virtual #collaboration using the different tools in the market but I always like #Microsoft Teams for personal and for the work. Recently #Microsoft reached an inflection point to the global response to #COVID-19 evolves, communities around the world.

They have moved from an era of “remote everything” into a more hybrid model of work, life, and learning. The future of work and education is being shaped before our eyes. Microsoft spent the last few months learning from customers and studying how to use the tools.

Microsoft also worked with experts across virtual reality, AI, and product research to help understand the future of work said by Microsoft in recent blog posts.

Now Microsoft announced a set of new features and functionalities in Microsoft Teams that make virtual interactions more natural, more engaging, and more human for us. These coming features offer the three key benefits for the people at work and in education.

Exiting coming new features in Microsoft Teams for Virtual Collaboration

  • Feel more connected and reduce meeting fatigue
    • Together Mode
    • Dynamic View
    • Video Filter
  • Make meetings more inclusive, engaging, and effective
    • Reflect messaging extension
    • Live reactions
    • Chat bubbles
    • Speaker attribution for live captions and transcripts
    • Interactive meetings for 1,000 participants and overflow
    • Microsoft Whiteboard updates
  • Streamline your work and save time
    • Tasks app–The Tasks app in Teams
    • Suggested replies
    • Cortana in Teams
    • Microsoft Teams displays
    • Touchless meeting experiences

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How to do better Virtual collaboration in Microsoft Teams?
Article Name
How to do better Virtual collaboration in Microsoft Teams?
How to do better Virtual Collaboration in Microsoft Teams - Reimagining virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning
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