In this Digital Age, The rules of the business have been changed. In every industry, the spread of new Digital Technologies and the rise of new disruptive threats are transforming business models and processes. The digital revolution has turned the old business playbook upside down.

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Difficulty: Intermediate


In this course, Digital Transformation – Rethink your Business for the Digital Age, I will be updating the contents, information, experiences, and new perspective from different groups, research having a discussion with Industry Business and Technology Leaders in real-time.

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Manoj Kumar Manoj Kumar Author

Business Technology Partner & Consultant – CIOaaS | Helping to rebuild Business Technology to reduce the operating cost and deliver value-added outcomes by Digital IT Strategy & Governance, Information Security, Process & System Excellence to Digital Transformation | Technology Blogger.

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This Course is Free for everyone who wants to understand Digital Transformation for the Digital Age and how to Rethink your Business for the Digital Age to help and support organizations for their growth and achieve commercial objectives.

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