In this course, we will talk about Agile IT Strategy for the Digital Age. To keep in mind, this Course focus on how to build a Pragmatic, Comprehensive, and Agile IT Strategy for organizations aligning with Business Strategy and Commercial Objectives in the Digital Age to Digital Business Transformation.

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IT strategy is the discipline that defines how IT will be used to help businesses win in their chosen business context.

Gartner Definition of IT Strategy

Agile IT Strategy for Digital Age

An Agile IT strategy sets the direction for the organization’s IT department and identifies how to leverage technology in a way that must maximize business value, increase performance, and improves ROI, KPIs using the fewest possible resources.

IT Strategy (Information Technology Strategy or ICT Strategy or IS Strategy) is an approach that creates the Information Technology Capabilities for the maximum and sustainable value for the organizations. IT Strategy is not a one-time activity, it is an iterative process to align IT capability with business requirements and strategy.

It is a comprehensive, pragmatic, and agile plan that outlines how Technology should be met to business and IT objectives. It is a written document that focused on Vission, Mission, and KPIs for the IT Organization aligned with the Business vision and mission to achieve business commercial objectives and that depends on the multiple factors of Investments and overall Business Strategy.

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


We are updating this course regularly following our continuous research, experiences, and discussions in separate groups and communities with Information Technology and Business Leaders.

We will add different topics and lessons continuously to the available best content that can help your organization to give more insights to build your IT Strategy for the long term. Kindly follow this course regularly to get new insights.

Course Instructor

Manoj Kumar Manoj Kumar Author | Technology Partner & Consultant

Digital CIO – Digital & Technology Partner & Consultant | Helping to rebuild Digital & Technology to reduce the operating cost and deliver value-added outcomes | Digital & Technology Blogger | ManojK365.com

Getting Started

Section 1 – Agile IT Strategy Assessment Process

Section 2 – Enablers and Components of Great Agile IT Strategy

Section 3 – Agile IT Strategy Made Easy

Section 4 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on IT Strategy

Section 5 – Common Terms with IT Strategy

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