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Hi Team,

Can you please help me to update the Image template in v-center. I have tried to update with below steps but not getting success.

You can update your virtual machine template in order to include new patches or software. Here are the steps for updating a VM template using vSphere Web Client:

1. Convert your template to a virtual machine by selecting the template from the inventory and selecting the Convert to Virtual Machine option:

convert to virtual machine

2. Select a cluster or host that will run this VM:

convert to virtual machine compute resource

3. Click Finish to start the conversion:

convert to virtual machine finish

4. (Optional) If possible, place the VM on an isolated network to prevent user access.

5. Power on the virtual machine and make the changes in the guest operating system:

dist upgrade

6. Power off the virtual machine and convert it back to a template by selecting the VM from the inventory and selecting All vCenter Actions > Convert to Template:

convert vm to template


convert vm to template

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